The colour of wood




The general view is that colour measurement on wooden surfaces is not possible. This is not quiet true and ColorLite has customers successfully using our handheld spectrophotometers on a daily basis, to prove this. The problem why measuring the colour of wood is difficult, is that it does not have one colour. Wood is extremely inhomogeneous.

To solve this problem and to measure values with an acceptable reproducibility ColorLite has developed an adapter to extend the measuring spot to approximately 38 mm. This tool fits to the normal handheld spectrophotometers, so that measurements can be made inside or out.  Results can be stored and then transferred to a computer at a later date for making reports etc. Or simply used to evaluate if the colours of the production or delivery are within range of a stored standard.


What is needed:


For measuring wooden surfaces the sph850 or sph900 spectrophotometers and a probe head adapter MA38 are needed. To protect the equipment in dusty environments a carrying case is available, which enables the setup to be carried hands free over the shoulder.




PC Software:
ColorDaTra Pro
ColorDaTra Basic


Protective carrying case