Applications Overview

Here an overview (not complete) of products that can be measured with our ColorLite spectrophotometers 


Solid surfaces

The wide range of different solids that can be measured includes: plastics, paper, textiles, painted or anodised surfaces or even glass.

Colour measurement of small parts

The extremly small external probe heads of the handheld spectrometers from ColorLite are ideal for measuring small and/or curved components.


Colour measurement of granules or other inhomogeneous samples

To measure granule samples a wider measuring spot is needed. The hand units use an adapter to achieve this. Typical products measured this way are plastic granules, coarse powders and foods.


Colour measurement of powders

A common application for spectrophotometers is to measure powders. This is used amongst others in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. A variety of values are used to determine powder colours, often using a white metric scale.


Liquid colours: - opaque; translucent; transparent

Liquids must be measured using different equipment according to their transparency. Non transparent opaque liqiuds are measured simular to a solid. Transparent liquids are measured in a transmission mode. Translucent  (i.e. semi-transparent) liquids values again need other equipment.




Colour and spectral measurement of a light source

The software has an optional integrated function to measure chromaticity values and spectrum of a light source, for example LEDs. 

Colour measurement of foods

Foods fall into different categories such solids, powders and liquids, each should be measured accordingly.




Colour measurement of wood surfaces

Using our special adapter it is possible to measure the overall colour of a wooden surface such as flooring boards etc.


Measuring the colour of print

The relative small areas can be easily measured using our aiming device. We also have special probe heads to measure a field as small 1 mm in diameter.

Measuring the colour of cables and cylindrical parts

The small probe head with a v-block is ideal for measuring cylindrical parts such as cables.

Colour measurement of art exhibits

The small probe head in the s-version is perfect for measuring against all types of art exhibits.