ColorLite PC Software

Download the newest version or our ColorDaTra PC database software. The software can
be activated in two versions Basic and Professional - depending on the licence key
number. The demo licence key activates the software in the basic version.
Our customers already using ColorDaTra can download a free update version.


Description File Name Format Size
ColorDaTra - PC Software
FREE demo
ColorDaTra_V1_0_216_setup.exe 6 MB
ColorDaTra - PC Software
FREE Update
ColorDaTra_V1_0_385_setup.exe 6.4 MB
ColorDaTra - USB Drivers 11.6MB


Information around our MS Access© based PC database software ColorDaTra
and our SQL based PC database software ColorDaTra IPM, which is available for our
online spectrophotometers.


Description File Name Format Size
ColorDaTra - PC Software
Quick guide
PC Software ColorDaTra Overview.pdf 3.5 MB
Difference between ColorDaTra
Basic & Professional
colordatra_differences.pdf 0.1 MB
ColorDaTra IPM - Overview ColorDaTra IPM-Overview.pdf 0.7 MB


Please download our Flash animated overview explaining the basics of colour


Description File Name Format Size
Colour Basics Colour_Basics.exe 0.95 MB


ColorLite Spectrophotometers and accessories

Download information of our online spectrophotometers sph9i used for measuring direct in
the production.
Also information about our handheld spectrophotometers sph860,sph870 and sph900 and
our wide range of accessories for measuring practically all types of samples.


Description File Name Format Size
Brochure sph900 und sph870 Brochure sph900 und sph870 1.8 MB
Brochure - Industry spectrophotometer sph9i ColorLite sph9i Brochure.pdf 4.2 MB
Flyer - Industry
spectrophotometer sph9i
ColorLite sph9i Flyer.pdf 0.6 MB
Flyer - Industry
spectrophotometer with
thermochromism compensation
sph9i -TC
ColorLite sph9i-TC Flyer.pdf 0.4 MB
Flyer - ColorLite ColorCube ColorLite ColorCube.pdf 0.6 MB
Flyer - ColorLite sph xs1 ColorLite sph xs1.pdf 0.7 MB
Flyer - ColorLite sph900 ColorLite sph900.pdf 0.8 MB
Flyer - ColorLite sph870
ColorLite sph870.pdf 1.2 MB
Flyer - ColorLite sph860 ColorLite sph860.pdf 0.3 MB
User manual
ColorLite sph860/900 (74 pages)
maual_sph860_sph900.pdf 8.3 MB
Comparing features of
ColorLite sph860/sph900
sph900/860 comparison.pdf 0.1 MB
ColorLite optional accessories
quick guide (90 pages)
ColorLite Accessories English &
3.4 MB
Flyer ColorLite MA38 and MA38-Set ColoLite MA38 and MA38-Set.pdf 1 MB
Flyer ColorLite MA35-UK ColorLite MA35-UK.pdf 3.44 MB
ColorLite Densitometer sd350 ColorLite Densitometer sd350.pdf 1.32 MB
ColorLite ColorTube Basic ColorLite ColorTube Basic 0.9 MB