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What is needed?


ColorLite offers customers an ideal solution for measuring small objects i.e. parts less than 10 mm in size. For measuring very small parts we offer a version where the probe head is tapered, this probe head also has a smaller opening.


The special 45°/0° probe head version for small parts – s-version – has a contact area of only 13 mm, an opening of only 5.5 mm and measures over an area of 3 mm in diameter. This probe head is available for the sph900, sph850 and sph9i spectrophotometers.


For special applications we also offer a d/8° probe head/adapter which has an opening only 3.5 mm in diameter and a measuring area of 3 mm 




Holding the sample in one hand and pressing the probe head onto the surface with the other and then simply pressing the probe head downwards on the surface triggers the measurement.

It is advisable to use multiple scanning, so that the value is the result of normally 3 scans. Increasing the number of scans can improve the repeatability especially on inhomogeneous surfaces.


It is also possible to support the probe head in an upright position using part no. 13484, whereby the sample is simply placed on the opening. The measurement is then started by pressing the enter key on the spectrophotometer or from the PC software ColorDaTra Professional.

ColorLite sph900 - S-Verion
ColorLite sph850 - S-Version
ColorLite sph9i - S-Version

PC Software:
ColorDaTra Pro
ColorDaTra Basic

d/8° adapter MA35-UK (3mm)
Aiming device