Probe Solids




How and with what equipment solids are measured depends on the size, shape and the homogeneity of the sample. For most solids the standard probe head is ideal. For measuring very small parts we offer a “S-version” where the probe head is tapered, which also has a smaller opening.


The number of scans depends on the colour homogeneity; a typical value for most samples is three. Increasing the number of scans will normally improve the repeatability.  


When possible we advise to hold the sample in the hand and press the probe head slowly downwards on the surface to insure an optimal connection.

For measuring small areas such as patterns we advise using our aiming device. 


Special cases:


To make results comparable with a d/8° geometry use our probe head integrating sphere adapter MA35-UK. Also use this adapter for measuring highly glossy surfaces or for measuring insensitive of gloss. 



ColorLite sph900
ColorLite sph860
ColorLite sph9i

PC Software:
ColorDaTra Pro
ColorDaTra Basic

d/8° adapter MA35-UK
Aiming device